Prabhuram Mills

Kotta is a remote underdeveloped village in the Mulakkuzha Panchayath of Chengannur, at Alappuzha district.It is an industrially and economically backward area. Nearly 75% of the people of the area belongs to the middle and low income groups. Unemployment is a ramp act of this area. Under these circumstances steps taken for starting a spinning mill was a blessing to the natives of this area. The project received the wholehearted co-operation of the people; they donated lands and came voluntarily to work for the construction of the two roads to the Mill site.

The establishment of the Spinning Mill at Kotta was the outcome of the first industrial policy declaration of Kerala. Before the industrial policy the Government of Kerala made a detailed techno economic survey during 1960-61.The survey was conducted under the supervision of Sri. P.S. Lokanathan. It was started in the beginning of 1960 and was completed by September 1961.The report, which was finalized in July 1962, contained a detailed study of the economic development of Kerala. While the survey was going on, the Government declared the first industrial policy of Kerala on 03 June ‘60. In this declaration, the entrepreneurs were offered various facilities and infrastructure for establishing industries.The industrial policy declaration attracted industrialists from outside Kerala.The policy of the Government was to sanction one industry per district. The industrial backward district Alappuzha was allotted two units.

A renowned film actor Sri. V. ShivajiGaneshan in association with Sri. V.A. Muthumanikkam, a landlord hailing from Pollachi, TamilNadu  came to know the Government policy of Kerala and decided to start a spinning mill in Kerala and license was secured in the name of Sri.V.A.Muthumanikkam and Sri. V.ShivajiGaneshan on 05 Dec’62 to start the Mill in Alappuzha district.Another unit was allocated at Komalapuram in Alappuzha district named Kerala Spinners.

An expert survey was conducted and found that Kotta was suitable because of the availability of land at a very low cost, industrial backwardness, possibility of getting continuous power supply, availability of transportation facilities, water and communication facilities and above all support of local people.

Since Kotta was an industrially backward area of Alappuzha district,every loan facility was available from Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation and Kerala Financial Corporation. The industries started in this area were also eligible for subsidies from the Govt. of Kerala. The Govt. of Kerala also promised adequate power supply to the newly established industries from Chengannur and Kozhencherry power houses. Thus continuous power supply was assured to the Spinning Mill at Kotta.

The climatic conditions at Kotta were favorable for the spinning Mill. So the industrialists who started a Mill having a capacity of 12000 spindles, which were later enhanced to 17536 spindles.

After receiving the license, the Mill was incorporated under the Companies Act, on 16 Nov 1962.As per the Memorandum of Association the proposed Mill was to be named as ‘Prabhuram Mills Ltd’.The name of the Mill is derived from the name of Prabhu s/o V.ShivajiGaneshan and Ram s/o Muthumanikkam.

A plot for 14.28 acres was acquired during the year 1963 and the building construction was started in 1964.Also arrangements were made for importing machinery. Machines were imported from Japan by the private management and also from TamilNadu. However, Sri.ShivajiGaneshan and other entrepreneur backed off on 17 Oct’64 due to unspecified reasons.

The workers were trained at, Kottayam Textiles at Kottayam. Machinery erection was started in the year 1971. Commercial production started with 231 workers in 1973. During the starting period itself the Mill experienced financial problems because of high price of cotton. This situation leads to the closure of Mills on 31 Oct’75.The shareholders and the workers of the Mill had to engage in a prolonged agitation demanding the Govt. to revive the unit. As a result, Kerala State Textiles Corporation Limited took over the management of the Mill in 1978. 

Technology –Prabhuram Mills

We are using latest machineries incorporating best technology throughout our manufacturing process. Our Preparatory range of machineries consists of, Trumac- Trutzchler Blow rooom, DK 800 Cards, LRSB-1 Auto leveller Draw frames. By this we are able to produce a defect free finisher drawing sliver with superior quality.

We optimise our process & Machinery parmeters, Speeds, Settings etc, so that Quality is never compromised.Our quality control measures  and constant monitoring help us to maintain consistent quality in all stages & departments involved in entire process.Our yarn quality is much sought after in the upcountry yarn markets espically for polyester cotton counts like 56 P/C, 58 P/C, 66 P/C, 70 P/C, 72 P/C and 80 P/C Combed Varieties.

Our yarn is Electronically cleared so that periodic variations are well within control.We have a good reputation as a Quality Spinners of 100% Cotton yarn varieties like 60 K, 64 C, 70 C, 80 K & C, 90 C, & 100 C etc.  



Prabhuram Mills