*** 4 Units ; 25 Products Offering ; 1500 Employees ***


Puthuparamba PO, Edarikkode, 

Kottakkal ,Malappuram District



Distance from Mills

Nearest  town


3.5 KM

Nearest Railway station


16 KM

Nearest  Airport

Kozhikkode International


33 KM

District Head quarters


20 KM



80 KM



108 KM

Contact Details:-

Unit in Charge,

Edarikkode Textiles,

Puthuparamba PO.

PIN: 676501

Phone No: 0483 2751540

Mobile Phone No: 90 4820 6690    

 Email Id: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Specialty of the place where the mill is located

Kottakkal is famous for Ayurveda  and Dr.PK WarriersKottakkalAryaVaidyasala is situated here.The city is  called as Herbal city.

Kottakkal, an Eranadan village, is located on the western side of Malappuram district head quarters. Kottakkal, known as White Fort in Sanskrit, Venkalikotta and VenkittaKotta in Malayalam was a small militarily base of the King of Valluvanadu till the first halt of 18th century in Christian era. KaruvayoorMoosad, the Chief Marshal and Preacher of Valluvakonathiri lived here. The forts and castles constructed by Moosad bestowed the title Kottakkal to this village. The suburbs of Kottakkal were known as Changuvettikadu and Eyyakkadu. KaruvayoorMoosad assassinated ThinayancherryElayath , one of the ministers of Zamorin. Then MoonnarpaduThampuran, the cousin of Zamorin of Calicut killed KaruvayoorMoosad in a combat and restored control of the fort. The kith and kin of this Thampuran dwelled in Kottakkal there after.

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