*** 4 Units ; 25 Products Offering ; 1500 Employees ***

 Kottayam Textiles

 Profile of the mill:

        The Mill is presently running at a commissioned capacity of 24,956 Spindles and is equipped to process finer counts rather than coarser counts. Kottayam Textiles (KT)is presently having 57 Ring Frames out of which 9 numbers are imported Ring Frames. KT can achieve a utilization of about 95% maximum on finer counts, which will be restricted to a maximum of 75 to 80% in case of coarser counts. The Mill comprise of factory premises, office, canteen etc. Kottayam Textiles provides employment to around 350 people including workers and staff.

 The various production departments of the company are Blowroom, Carding, Drawing, Combing, Simplex, Spinning, Winding and Packing. The mills can fetch a turnover of Rs.20 Crore (approx) for an year if run at maximum utilization.The major raw materials used are Raw Cotton and Polyester, which is usually procured from outside of Kerala.



          The Company was opened as a Private Limited Company by Sri.K S NarayanaswamyIyer on 12 Jun’68 with its Head Office at Kottayam. The licensed capacity of the mill was 11,976 spindles. The Company started its commercial production on 01Nov’68. Later on 28Aug’74 the capacity was further enhanced by 2,640 spindles. The major products of the mill were Cotton and Synthetic Yarn. Later due to poor market conditions the mill started incurring huge losses and gradually went into liquidation in the year 1975.

After about 3 years of shut down, the mills was taken over by the Govt. of Kerala and handed over to the Kerala State Textile Corporation Limited in 1978.The second phase of operations started in the name of Kottayam Textiles. During this period the capacity was increased by another 9,680 spindles and 116 Spindles.

The re-opened company, M/s Kottayam Textiles, was nationalized in the year 1985 with retrospective effect from 1983, as per the Kerala Sick Textile Undertakings (Acquisition and Transfer of Undertakings) Ordinance, 1984.The Company applied for enhanced spindle capacity and as a result the same was enhanced to 26,760 with effect from 22Nov’85.



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