*** 4 Units ; 25 Products Offering ; 1500 Employees ***


 Malabar Millscan produce wide range of yarns from Ne 20s to 120s with several product mix like cotton, polyester, viscose, blends, slubs, compact etc., with a capacity of 5 tons per day.

 Our product range for the last year is given below 

1. 60s Carded warp.

2. 64s Carded Warp.

 3. 60s Combed Warp.

4. 64s Combed Warp.

5. 67s Combed Warp.

6. 82s Combed Warp.

7. 120s Combed Warp

8.72s P/C. Blended Warp yarn.


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